Introduction to Authors List

The PublishPress Authors plugin allows to your show all your authors on one page.

This is possible with the [authors_list] shortcode. This shortcode comes with a variety of different views and configuration options.

A List of Authors with Recent Posts #

One option is to show your authors, together with their most recent posts. This image below shows the “Recent” view. Each author has their name, profile image, and five most recent posts. The shortcode for this is here:

[publishpress_authors_list layout="authors_recent"]

Authors List
Authors List

You can control the number of columns in the Authors List display by using the layout_columns parameter. In this example, we're setting the layout to 4 columns:

[publishpress_authors_list layout="authors_recent" layout_columns="4"]

A List of Authors Sorted by Field #

Another option is to use the “Index” view which will organize your authors alphabetically. This screenshot below shows the “Index” view. If you click on any of the letters, you'll be able to drill down to view only the authors whose names begin with that letter. The shortcode for this is here:

[publishpress_authors_list layout="authors_index"]

Authors Index
Authors Index

Using Other Layouts for Authors List #

You can also use any of the default layouts available in Authors. This next screenshot shows the authors list with the simple_list layout. The shortcode for this is here:

[publishpress_authors_list layout="simple_list"]

Authors List Simple 1
Authors List Simple 1

This screenshot below shows the authors list with the inline layout. The shortcode for this is here:

[publishpress_authors_list layout="inline"]

Authors Inline
Authors Inline

Ordering and Filtering the Authors List #

By default, your authors are organized by First Name. It is possible to change how authors are organized and use a different field. For example, this shortcode will group users by Last Name.

[publishpress_authors_list layout="authors_index" group_by="last_name"]

You can also filter the list and show only authors who have written recently. This shortcode can accept date values such as 1 week ago, 1 month ago, 6 months ago, 1 year ago. This will limit the author list to users with a published post within that specific period.

[publishpress_authors_list last_article_date="1 year ago"]

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