One of the features of PublishPress Checklists Pro is support for WooCommerce products.

If these requirements are not met, you can choose to show a warning, or prevent the product from being published.

Click here to see full details on the WooCommerce integration.

There are 18 requirements you can choose from:

  1. Excerpt has text
  2. Number of Product categories
  3. Number of Product tags
  4. Number of words
  5. Featured image
  6. Check the “Virtual” box
  7. Check the “Downloadable” box
  8. Enter a “Regular price”
  9. Enter a “Sale price”
  10. Schedule the “Sale price”
  11. Discount for the “Sale price”
  12. Enter a “SKU”
  13. Check the “Manage stock?” box
  14. Check the “Sold individually” box
  15. Check the “Allow backorders?” box
  16. Select some products for “Upsells”
  17. Select some products for “Cross-sells”
  18. Product image