Troubleshooting Notifications in PublishPress

If you’re not receiving PublishPress notifications correctly, there are several possible reasons. This article will help you check for common solutions.

Notifications are not being received

Some PublishPress users report that they do not receive email notifications.

If you’re having a problem with notifications, we recommend that you use the the Notifications Log feature. This plugin will keep a record of all the notifications sent from PublishPress.

  • If PublishPress emails are being sent successfully, then you have an email delivery problem. Check your spam filters or email firewalls.
  • If PublishPress emails are not being sent, try solutions below …

Emails are not sent on time

This advice may be useful if notifications are not sent at the correc time.

  • Go to PublishPress > Settings.
  • Scroll down to the “Featured” area.
  • Uncheck the box for “ASync Notifications”.
  • Click “Save Changes”.

ASync is a useful feature that can improve your notification sending, particularly for scheduled content and for busy sites. However, it can cause problems on some sites and it is safe to disable this feature.

Some users are not receiving notifications

Each user has their own notification options. If a particular user is not receiving notifications, check inside their user profile. Make sure that they have selected their preferred channel:

Slow-loading Notification screens

Some big sites have problems with the Notification screens loading slowly. This can happen if you have many taxonomy terms. You can stop those terms from loading by going to PublishPress > Settings and entering them the Taxonomy slugs into the box, “Blacklisted taxonomies for Notifications”.

Shortcodes aren’t working in Emails

If shortcodes are not loading in your emails, first follow this guide to make sure they are set up correctly.

Next, click the “Text” tab and check that the shortcodes are entered cleanly and are not surrounded by any HTML code:

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