Changelogs for PublishPress Future

You can find the changelog for the free version by clicking this link to

You can find the changelog for the Pro version below:

= [2.9.2] - 01 Mar 2023 =

* FIXED: List of actions in the post type settings is not filtered by post types, #400;
* FIXED: Include Statuses as a Default option, #395;
* FIXED: Remove legacy screenshots from the plugin root dir;
* FIXED: Fix i18n issues, #401;
* FIXED: Fix data sanitization and security issues in the log screen;
* FIXED: Fix PHP warning saying the method `WorkflowLogModel::countAll` returned NULL instead of an integer;

= [2.9.1] - 23 Feb 2023 =

* FIXED: Fix issue with WordPress banners css file being missed, #393;
* FIXED: Fix support to delete all settings when uninstalling the plugin;
* FIXED: Stop automatically addding settings register if not existent and settings page is visited;

= [2.9.0] - 14 Feb 2023 =

* ADDED: Add support for custom statuses, #224;
* ADDED: Add improved logs for past expiration dates, #233;

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