Permission Groups are one of the most flexible features in PublishPress Permissions.

You can use groups to set permissions for WordPress users.

When you first install PublishPress Permissions, some groups will already be set up for you. These are four of the default WordPress user roles:

PublishPress Permissions will also create three new groups:

  • Everyone: This covers everyone, whether or not they have an account.
  • Not Logged In: This covers all visitors who are not logged in.
  • Logged In: This covers all users who are logged in.

How to Create New Groups #

You can also create new groups by clicking “Add New”.

You can search for and add the users you want to include in this group. You can search based on the users' First Name, Last Name, or Nickname.

The left side of the screen will show “Search Results”. If you see a user you want to include, click “Select” to add them to the right column. In the image below, “riza” will be part of my new group:

Integration with BuddyPress #

The popular BuddyPress plugin is tightly integrated with PublishPress Permissions Groups. After you install BuddyPress, you will see a new “BuddyPress Group” tab on the main “Groups” screen. This will allow you to add custom permissions to users in this BuddyPress group.

What Can You Do With Groups? #

There many powerful features you can add to groups. Here are some of teh most common ways that people use PublishPress Permissions groups to manage their users: