License Keys and WordPress Multisite

This guide explains how PublishPress license keys work for multisite networks, and sites installed on subdomains or subfolders.

License keys on multisite networks

A single site license is all you need to use PublishPress plugins on a WordPress multisite network.

A WordPress multi-site network only has a single plugins directory, which is shared by all sites. So if a plugin is updated for one site, it is updated for all sites. For that reason, a single license can be used for an entire network.

However, the sub-site which activated the license will be the only site that can check for new updates.

We recommend making a single site that controls and activates all licenses to prevent things getting unorganized.

License keys for sites installed in subdomains or subfolders

PublishPress support and plugin updates are provided using site licenses. That is not the same as a “domain license”, so if you have multiple sites installed across subfolders and subdomains, each site will require a unique site license.

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