Schema Data for Authors

PublishPress Authors can provide schema data to help search engines find your author information. This is possible if you're using the Yoast SEO or Rank Math SEO plugins.

If you have the PublishPress Authors plugin installed, plus either Yoast or Rank Math, the schema data will be available automatically. No configuration is needed.

The author schema data will appear in two situations:

  • On individual posts.
  • On author pages.

You can test the schema data for your authors using a tool such as

  • The schema data uses the “Person” type as in the example result shown below.
  • The “Name” data is taken from the “Display Name” field inside PublishPress Authors.
  • The “Image” data is take from the “Avatar” field inside PublishPress Authors.
PublishPress Authors schema data

If users want to update the name used in their schema data, they should update the “Display Name” field inside the “Author Profile” area:

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