Submit and Moderate Revisions with the Divi Theme

Divi is one of the most popular page-builders in WordPress, and it does integrate with PublishPress Revisions Pro.

It is possible for users to edit a page with Divi and submit an update for approval.

This workflow will apply to anyone with the correct permissions to submit revisions.

  • This image below shows what a users see when they create a revision for a post that uses Divi. They will see a “New Revision” link:
Divi Builder
Divi Builder
  • This next image shows what a site administrator will see when they go to edit revision created in Divi. They will see the normal editing layout in Divi, with the PublishPress Revisions buttons in the top toolbar and right sidebar.
  • Click “Edit With The Divi Builder” to make content changes.
  • Click “Immediately” in the right sidebar to schedule future content changes.
Divi Revision
Divi Revision

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