This guide will show you how to use the “Profile Features” screen in the PublishPress Capabilities plugin. “Profile Features” allows you to clean up the “Profile” screen” for WordPress user roles. You can decide what users see when they're writing posts.

This feature is available in both the Free and Pro version of PublishPress Capabilities.

Getting Started With Profile Features #

  • To start changing the Profile screen, go to “Capabilities”, then “Profile Features” in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Look in the top-left corner for the user role you want to edit:
  • The “Profile Features” screen allows you to block all of the elements on the “Profile” screen. In the image below, I've chosen the “Administrator” role and I'm preventing users in this role from seeing anything in the “Personal Options” role.
Profile Features screen editing

In this next screenshot, I've created a cleaner version of the “Profile” screen.

Clean WordPress Profile screen

Loading Profile Items #

The Profile Features Restriction does need scan the “Profile” screen and search for the items for each user role.

When you first choose a role, you may see the message, “Click Refresh profile items to manage elements for this role.” Click that link and you the page will refresh with the items for that role.

Click Refresh profile items to manage elements

Profile Features does require that a user is in a role before the plugin can find the relevant items on the “Profile” screen. If you choose a role with no users, you will see this message: “There are no users in this role. To modify features on the “Profile” screen, please select a role with users.”

No users for Profile Features