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How Do I Get Support at PublishPress?

We do aim to offer support for everyone here at PublishPress.

Do you use the Pro plugins from PublishPress?

Thank you! You make the development of PublishPress possible. You will enjoy our fastest support.

You are welcome to create a new support ticket here.

You also have a dedicated “Support Ticket” area inside this site to keep track of all your conversations with us.

Do you use the Free plugins from PublishPress?

We do offer some support for you. However, “Free” plugins are not really free. Development, hosting, testing and support must be paid for by someone. Support tickets cost us an average of $15 and complex questions can cost much more. Please consider buying a license to support the development of PublishPress. You will also get extra features and excellent support!

Please make sure to read our documentation carefully before contacting us.

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