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Count Up Block

The Count Up block is perfect for showcasing a number in Gutenberg. You can use it show how many clients you have, how much money you have raised, how many cups of coffee you've served, or anything else.

How to create the Count Up block

You can create an Count Up block by clicking itsĀ button in theĀ PublishPress Blocks category:

Screen Shot 2020 12 10 At 12.09.44

Settings in the Count Up block

In the right sidebar, you can adjust some options for the Counter:

  • Color Settings:
    • Headers color
    • Count Up color
    • Description's color
  • Columns: 1-3
  • Counter Number Size: Set the numbers' size
  • Counter Up Symbol: add a character before or after the counter
  • Toggle button: Set the position of the symbol. If this is enabled, the symbol will appear below the number.

Default settings for all your Count Up blocks

You can set default options for every Count Up block added to your site. This is possible with the Default Blocks Config feature and it allows you to create a consistent look-and-feel for all your Count Up displays.

  • Go to PublishPress Blocks in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Click Configuration, then Default Blocks Config.
  • Click Count Up.
Screen Shot 2020 12 10 At 12.10.28

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