PublishPress Revisions allows you to update your published pages with teamwork and precision.

Schedule Revisions

PublishPress Revisions allows you to schedule WordPress revisions to be published in the future.

When you're editing a published post, all you need to do is select a future date. Your changes will be published at the specified time.

Gutenberg: set a future date
Revisor role

Control Revision Permissions

PublishPress Revisions allows you to control which users are able to submit revisions to published posts.

You can use a new "Revisor" role created by PublishPress Revisions, or customize the existing WordPress roles.

Submit Revisions to Published Posts

PublishPress Revisions supports change requests for published posts.

Revision submitters work with your content in the normal WordPress editor, but changes are stored as a "pending revision" instead of being published immediately.  This moderation workflow is imposed on lower-level users, but Editors and Administrators can also opt in.

Pending Revision Confirmation
Compare Pending Revisions

Preview and Compare Revisions

Pending and Scheduled Revisions can include changes to post content, categories, tags, featured image, page parent and other parameters.

Each of these changes can be reviewed in the familiar Compare Revisions interface.

Manage and Moderate Revisions

PublishPress Revisions enables you to approve or deny changes to a published post's content, categories, tags or featured image.

The searchable Revision Queue screen can be explored by overlapping filter criteria: Revision Author, Status, Post Type, Published Post, or Post Author.

Revision Queue
Email Notification Settings

Email Notifications for Revisions

Administrators and Editors are notified by email when a new revision is submitted. They can log in to preview, compare and approve the changes.

PublishPress Revisions can also send emails for revision approval and publication.  The settings screen lets you disable unwanted notifications.

Need more features? Revisions Pro is now available!

PublishPress Revisions Pro

Revisions Pro a premium version with support for key third party plugins:

  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Beaver Builder
  • WPML

Planned features include customizable notification messages, Slack integration and additional plugin compatibility.

By upgrading to Pro, you also gain priority support through our help ticket system.

PublishPress Revisions Pro activated
Compare Pending Revisions

Custom Field Revisioning with ACF

Revisions Pro adds support for the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Moderate, schedule and compare changes to ACF fields in your published posts, just like other post content.

Other custom field plugins may be supported in the future.

Beaver Builder Integration

With Revisions Pro, your Contributors and Revisors will be able to submit revisions to published content using Beaver Builder's front end editor.

Beaver Builder front end submission
Language-filtered Revision Queue

WPML Integration

With Revisions Pro, pending and scheduled moderations work an multi-language sites controlled by the WPML plugin. 

The WPML language filter works as expected on the Revision Queue screen, filtering listed results by language.

Advanced Permissions

By upgrading to Revisions Pro, you also gain advanced permissions control through PressPermit Pro.

Customize permisions by role or per-user, granting full editing or revision submission rights to specific posts, categories or taxonomy terms.  Email notification is adjusted accordingly. 

Add Revise Exceptions

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