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PublishPress Series is a publishing plugin that allows you to organize posts into issues or series. This is ideal for magazines, newspapers, short-story writers, teachers, comic artists, or anyone who writes multiple posts on the same topic.

Newspaper, magazines and publishers can use PublishPress Series. You can collect posts into monthly issues for a magazine. You can group together newspaper articles on the same topic. You can organize chapters into an overall story.

The main features of PublishPress Series

Easily assign your content to a series

When you're writing a post, you can easily add a post to an existing series, or start a new series. You can also add a new post into the middle of an existing series, and the plugin will adjust the order.

Publish Series

The “Publish Series” screen makes it easy to manage posts in a series. You can re-order, schedule, publish, or unpublish all of the content in a series from a single screen.

Easy display of Series information

Out-of-the-box, PublishPress Series will automatically add information to posts that are a part of a series. You can modify how this information displays to match the style of your site.

Integration with the Posts screen

It's easy to keep track of what posts have been added to a series. You can also filter the Posts screen by Series. This gives you a quick way to see all the posts you’ve already added to the series.

Easy management of series

Add, delete, edit all your series on one handy dandy page. You can also upload images to associate with the series. PublishPress Series makes it easy to keep track of all the series you are writing!

Pro version: Custom post type support

This feature is in the Pro version of PublishPress Series and it allows you to use the plugin with any WordPress post-type.

Pro version: Shortcodes

The Pro version of PublishPress Series provides a set of WordPress “shortcodes” that provide users a way to easily insert various series information into their posts.

Pro version: Multiples

This feature is in the Pro version of PublishPress Series and it brings the capability of adding a post to more than one series.

Pro version: Extra tokens

The Pro version provides additional tokens to use in the series options page for customizing various series templates. There are extra tokens included to insert series slug, series id, post author, post thumbnail, or post date.

Pro version: Groups

The PublishPress Series core plugin groups posts together in series. The Pro version gives the ability to put series together in groups.

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If you buy Series Pro, you'll get great features, plus fast and advanced technical support.

Series Pro

Assign your content to a series
Integration with the Posts List table
Automatic display of Series information
Easy management of series
Bulk management of all posts in a series
Put series together in categories
Custom post type support
Add a post to multiple series
Extra tokens for templates
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