The Knight Foundation is Paying 24 Newsrooms to Upgrade Their Websites. 20 Choose WordPress.

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The Knight Foundation is a charitable organization with deep roots in the news world. The foundation was started by two brothers, James and John Knight. They were part of Knight-Ridder, which was one of the largest newspaper chains in the US.

The Knight Foundation now invests heavily in supporting journalism. They've just awarded grants worth $2 million to 24 newspapers. The goal is to help with “the adoption or management of a digital publishing system … with the aim of increasing revenue, membership and audience engagement.”

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AsBlocks Shows The Future of Collaborative Editing in WordPress

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Here at PublishPress, we’re focused on the publishing experience in WordPress. And lately we've been learning about new publishing features that may be coming to the new Gutenberg editor.

Back in November 2019, we wrote about collaborative Google Docs-style editing in WordPress. This image gives a good idea of what we're talking about with multiple people collaborating on the same document:

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All 1,000 PublishPress Customers Can Get a Free Penguin

Free Penguin

PublishPress launched in 2017. Today we're pleased to share the news that we've just reached a big milestone: 1,000 active customers!

We decided to celebrate by donating some money to the Philadelphia Zoo and asking their penguins to say “thanks” to everyone:

Seriously, we owe a big “Thanks” to all of you who use PublishPress.

Getting to 1,000 customers isn't easy. Unless you're a huge, viral sensation, it often takes software companies about 3 years to reach 1,000 customers. I found some examples of that in the WordPress world:

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Create WooCommerce Users Who Can Only View Reports

Create Woocommerce Users Who Can Only View Reports

The PublishPress Capabilities plugin is one of the most popular ways to control permissions for WordPress sites.

One of the most popular uses for PublishPress Capabilities is controlling access to the WooCommerce plugin.

One customer asked us if it's possible to allow users to only view the “Reports” area of WooCommerce. I'm going to show how this is done, using the “Subscriber” user role.

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