How to Link Words in a WordPress Post to a Glossary

The Glossary plugin allows you to create a glossary on your WordPress site. This can be very useful feature for your visitors, particularly if you work in an industry with lots of jargon or unusual words.

The Glossary plugin allows you to automatically create links from words to the corresponding term page in the glossary. So if you define the word “server” in your glossary, this plugin can automatically link any occurrences to the glossary definition.

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Revisionary Pro is Ready for Testing

Earlier this year, we relaunched the Revisionary plugin as part of our merger with PressPermit.

Revisionary is the best choice for managing, scheduling and moderating WordPress revisions.

After a summer of hard work, we’re getting close to launching Revisionary version 2. There is an updated Free plugin and an all-new Revisionary Pro!

If you want to test the new Revisionary Pro, here’s a download link. This is a beta version, so please don’t install on live sites yet.

Here’s a rundown of 5 features available in the new Revisionary.

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