Show the PublishPress Permissions Metabox For A User Role

In a previous blog post, we talked about hiding Permissions a metabox for a specific role. Now we will talk about the opposite: showing PublishPress Permissions metaboxes for a specific user role.

In this case, we will take an example of the Editor role. By default, the Editor role only gets access to the “read” Permissions meta box as in the screenshot below. By default, Editors don't have access to the “edit” or “assign” Permissions metaboxes.

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PublishPress Makes it Easy to Find Reusable Blocks

The latest version of PublishPress Blocks now has a submenu for “Reusable Blocks” that is enabled by default. This submenu allows you to reach the “Reusable blocks” page screen that is normally difficult to find in WordPress.

Reusable blocks are an incredibly useful feature in the Gutenberg block editor. They allow you to create content once and use it multiple times inside different posts and pages. In future updates for PublishPress Blocks, we're going to add more features to help you manage reusable blocks.

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Create Users Who Only Access WooCommerce Analytics Coupons Menu

One PublishPress user asked how can they create a custom user role that can only access the “Coupons” area in the WooCommerce Analytics area.

They did not want the user to have access to the WooCommerce report menu. This user was a marketing person and only needed to check on the success of their marketing campaigns that use coupons.

PublishPress Capabilities Pro is a plugin that gives you to control over who can access which admin menu links. In this scenario, a little extra work is needed since the “Coupons” menu is connected to the WooCommerce “Reports” menu.

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PublishPress 2022 Review and Thank You

Welcome to the fourth annual review from PublishPress. You can read our previous reviews for 2019, 2020, and 2021.

We write these annual reviews for at least three reasons:

  1. These reviews are for our customers. Thank you for all your investment in our work. I hope the reviews help you get a better understanding of our vision for these plugins.
  2. The reviews are for business owners. We try to be honest about the ups-and-downs in the hope that you can avoid some of the mistakes we've made!
  3. And finally, the reviews are for us. We pour many hours of our lives into building these plugins. It's easy to forget key incidents as you do the daily work. And as the years go by, it's great to look back on these reviews and remember the rollercoaster ride.

Here's our recap of key events for PublishPress in 2022.

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PublishPress Blocks Has Day, Time, Page Controls for Gutenberg

Using the PublishPress Blocks plugin, you can control how and when blocks appear on your site.

The “Block Controls” feature gives you a wide range of options, including these:

In version 3.1.2 of PublishPress Blocks, these controls are improved and expanded. Here's what's new in this release.

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The End of PublishPress Support for PHP 5.6

Starting in March 2023, we will start dropping support for PHP 5.6. After that date, when we update PublishPress plugins, they may no longer be fully compatible with PHP 5.6.

If your site is using PHP 5.6, please plan to update to at least PHP 7.2 in the next few months. During 2023, it will increasingly become difficult for WordPress users to continue using 5.6. This is because the WordPress and PHP community is moving away from 5.6.

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How To Hide the Edit Link For WordPress Posts

We had an interesting question from a PublishPress customer this week. They wanted to hide the “Edit” link on published WordPress posts.

This customer wanted to make sure his users clicked the “New Revision” link instead of editing the post directly. This “New Revisions” link is coming from the PublishPress Revisions plugin, which gives you a safe space for working on content updates. Removing the “Edit” link will prevent the users from making unapproved changes to published content.

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