You Can Now Use Bulk Edit in PublishPress Authors

Bulk Edit

PublishPress Authors is the best plugin for adding many authors to one WordPress post. With this plugin, you can create detailed author profiles that linked to WordPress users, or you can add guest authors.

Version 3.9 is now available for both the Free and Pro versions of PublishPress Authors.

The main new feature in these releases is integration with the “Bulk Edit” feature of WordPress. This gives you the ability to quickly add authors to posts.

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Pending Review or Draft? What’s the Difference in WordPress?

Review Draft

Here at PublishPress, our focus is on creating publishing workflows in WordPress. This includes allowing you to create custom statuses in WordPress.

However, before moving on to more advanced workflows, people often need some clarity on the basic workflow features in WordPress.

For example, what exactly is the difference between “Pending Review” and “Draft”?

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What Post Details Are Stored in WordPress Revisions?

Post Revisions

We develop the PublishPress Revisions plugin that allows you to submit, moderate, approve, and schedule revisions.

This plugin is built on top of the core revisions feature in WordPress.

Our Revisions Pro plugin is able to capture all of the data that has changed in your WordPress posts. However, that is not true of the normal revisions feature.

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PublishPress 3.0 is Now Available With Improved Notifications

30 1

Version 3.0 of the PublishPress plugin is now available.

This release focuses on improving the Notifications feature. You'll find that the Notifications are now more stable, and the Notifications Log is more useful.

There is an extra reason that we labeled this as “3.0” rather than simply continuing to “2.5”. There are some relatively minor breaking changes in this version.

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WordPress Powered Almost Every Contest in the US Elections


As everyone waited to find out the winners in last week's elections for US president and Congress, one winner was immediately obvious: WordPress.

Earlier in the election cycle, we saw the PublishPress plugin used by more than one presidential candidate. Even so, it was still surprising to see WordPress used in almost every 2020 race, from the presidency to Senate and House seats.

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How Automattic is Tackling Carbon Emissions, with Yanir Seroussi


Yanir Seroussi is a data scientist for Automattic and lives in Brisbane, Australia.

It can be hard to remember with all the craziness of 2020, but the year started with epic bushfires in Australia. It was the worst fire season on record with more than 15,000 different fires and nearly three billion animals killed or displaced. Those fires were widely blamed on climate change.

Yanir was motivated to start working to combat climate change. Automattic has servers in many data centers around the world, operated by different providers. Yanir wanted to know if it was possible to reduce or eliminate the carbon emissions from all those servers. The answer was “yes!”

Yanir wrote about how Automattic became carbon neutral, and in this interview we find out more of the story.

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