How to Restrict WordPress Users to Posting in One Category

Over the last few days, a couple of people have written to us and asked this question:

“Is there a plugin that allows me to restrict users to only be able to post to certain categories?”

The answer is “Yes”. You can do this with Press Permit Pro. This is a plugin that will be officially launched here at PublishPress in the next couple of days. Contact us if you want a copy.

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Who Can Delete Media Files in WordPress?

WordPress is very restrictive when it comes to deleting files from your site’s Media Library.

By default, only users in the “Administrator” role are able to delete images and files in WordPress.

Users in the Subscriber, Contributor, Author and Editor roles are not allowed to delete.

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How to Add Permissions to WordPress Custom Post Types

A large number of PublishPress users have sites with custom post types.

Sometimes this is done using custom code. Sometimes it’s done with a theme. Sometimes it’s done with a plugin.

However, although these methods can provide many features, they rarely deal with permissions. This can be important … these custom post types often hold sensitive information.

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