PublishPress Checklists Now Has Free Version on

Do you care about creating great content with WordPress? Now there’s a plugin that allows you to ensure all your content meets your high standards.

We’ve released a free version of the PublishPress Checklists plugin. You can get the free version on

PublishPress Checklists is the best way to make sure that your content is ready to go live. This plugin enables you to choose pre-publishing requirements for your content. For example, you can require that all posts have a minimum number of words, or that they all have a featured image.

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PublishPress Revisions 2.1 is Now Available

We’re delighted to say that PublishPress Revisions 2.1 is now out, in both Free and Pro versions.

This is the first major update since Revisions Pro launched in October.

The Free version is available on on the Pro version is available to PublishPress members.

You will find lots of bug-fixes and several useful new features. Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in Revisions 2.1.

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Google Docs-style editing in Gutenberg with the YJS framework

Here at PublishPress, we’re focused on the publishing experience in WordPress.

And lately we’ve been learning about new publishing features that may be coming to WordPress.

The WordPress team want to bring Google Docs-style editing to the new Gutenberg editor. This means that multiple people can be updating the same document at the same time.

I wrote a detailed post on that goal and concluded that it looks like a really tough problem.

Collaborative editing is easy for Google because they have almost complete control over the servers. However, a WordPress solution must work everywhere, including on cheap, shared hosting.

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Our Early Review of the Newspack Project from Automattic

Here at PublishPress, we’re very focused on the publishing experience in WordPress.

In recent weeks, there’s been very interesting news for WordPress publishers with the launch of Newspack.

Newspack is a project from Automattic (the owners of, but not that aims to help small newspapers run their sites on WordPress.

Here’s the official description of Newspack:

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