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PublishPress 1.11 Has Big Improvements for User Roles

PublishPress is based on another WordPress plugin called Edit Flow.

Edit Flow was a wonderful plugin, but many of the key features were implemented in 2009 / 2010.

WordPress has become a different platform over the last 8 years. So as we develop PublishPress, we’re updating some of the older Edit Flow features that need a different approach for 2018. One of those older features was the user groups.

In this post, I’ll give you an overview of how Edit Flow/PublishPress used to handle user groups. I’ll then explain what’s changed in this latest release of PublishPress.

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Bylines 0.3 is Now Available for PublishPress Members

PublishPress is a plugin that helps WordPress teams create great content.

About three weeks ago, we announced the acquisition that helps us fulfill that mission. We acquired Bylines, the modern multi-author plugin for WordPress.

Bylines allows you to assign multiple authors to a post and publish articles from guest authors. Bylines represents the best in class of WordPress plugin development, with unit tests, PHP autoloading, and more.

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What Permissions do Editors Have in WordPress?

What Permissions do Subscribers Have in WordPress?

The “Editors” role is one of 5 default user roles in WordPress, alongside “Subscriber“, “Contributor“, “Author“, and “Administrator”.

Editors have a great deal of permissions when it comes to the content on yoru site. This role is designed to allow users to manage your content. They can publish, edit and delete any content on your site. However, they are normally not allowed to change any settings on your site.

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