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PublishPress Capabilities Supports Many More Plugins

We’re excited to share some cool news about our most popular plugin, PublishPress Capabilities. This helpful tool gives you super-detailed control over who can do what on your WordPress site. PublishPress Capabilities now shows you the capabilities for many free and commercial plugins, from Yoast and Rank Math to Learn Dash and Gravity Forms.

The PublishPress Statuses Plugin is Available

PublishPress Statuses is a new plugin that we’ve been working on for almost a year. Previously, we’ve had some support for custom statuses in other plugins including PublishPress Planner and PublishPress Permissions. However, custom statuses are a really important feature for WordPress publishers. We’ve had numerous requests to improve how statuses work in WordPress. So…

Pending Review or Draft? What’s the Difference in WordPress?

Here at PublishPress, our focus is on creating publishing workflows in WordPress. This includes allowing you to create custom statuses in WordPress. However, before moving on to more advanced workflows, people often need some clarity on the basic workflow features in WordPress. For example, what exactly is the difference between “Pending Review” and “Draft”?

PublishPress Makes it Easy to Find Reusable Blocks / Synced Patterns

The latest version of PublishPress Blocks has a submenu for “Synced Patterns”. This feature was previously called “Reusable Blocks”. This submenu allows you to reach the “Synced Patterns” / “Reusable blocks” page screen that is normally difficult to find in WordPress. These patterns are an incredibly useful feature in the Gutenberg block editor. They allow…

Improved Composer Support for PublishPress Plugins

Today we are pleased to announce much improved Composer support for PublishPress plugins. Composer is a tool that developers can use to manage plugins or entire WordPress sites. Previously, it was possible to install the free version of our plugins with Composer. But it was more difficult to install the Pro versions of the plugins….