Author: Steve Burge

What Do WordPress Users See in the Admin Toolbar?

What Users See Toolbar

WordPress sites display an admin toolbar for all logged-in users. This is visible on the frontend of your site and also in the WordPress admin area.

This toolbar contains shortcuts to key features in WordPress, but what the user sees will depend on their user role. A user in the “Subscriber” role will only see a few features. A user in the Administrator role may see a very busy toolbar.

In this blog post, we'll give you an introduction to what users in different roles may see in the admin toolbar. If you want to hide the admin toolbar for users, follow this guide.

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How To Hide Screen Options in WordPress

Screen Options Hide

We received an interesting question this week from a PublishPress user. One of our customers wanted to remove elements from the “Screen Options” dropdown panel in WordPress.

The “Screen Options” tab is available in most areas of the WordPress admin area. This image below shows an example from the “Pages” screen.

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Allow Users to View And Not Edit WooCommerce Orders

View Edit Woocommerce

We had an interesting request from a PublishPress user this week. They wanted to allow a WordPress user to view WooCommerce orders but not be able to edit the orders.

This is possible with the PublishPress plugins, and in this guide we'll explain how it's done.

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How to Disable the Gutenberg Block Editor

Disable Gutenberg Header

The Gutenberg editor provokes a lot of debate in the WordPress world. Some people love Gutenberg – we're in that camp and built the PublishPress Blocks plugin. Some people really don't like Gutenberg and prefer to stick with the editor they've used for years.

However, most WordPress users have more mixed feelings and prefer to switch back-and-forth depending on the project. We've had several questions from PublishPress customers who want to know how to disable Gutenberg in some situations, or for some users.

In this guide, we share several different ways you can disable Gutenberg. Each option has its own methods for switching between Gutenberg and the older, classic editor.

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Show All Your PublishPress Authors on One Page

Authors List Header

One of the most common requests we've had from users of the PublishPress Authors plugin is the ability to show all your authors on one page.

This is now possible with big improvements to the [authors_list] shortcode. This update arrives in PublishPress Authors version 3.20.

The [authors_list] shortcode now comes with a variety of different views. In this guide, I'll introduce you to the new views and give you the resources to use them on your site.

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Block Controls Are Now Available in PublishPress Blocks

Block Controls Header

The PublishPress Blocks plugin is growing in a new direction.

The latest release of PublishPress Blocks (version 2.14) introduces a feature called “Block Controls”. This will give you the ability to control who sees your blocks and when they display.

This first “Block Controls” setting allows you to schedule blocks to publish and unpublish. Every block can have a “Start showing” and “Stop showing” option.

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