PublishPress Statuses

Workflows for Your WordPress Content

PublishPress Statuses allows you to add custom statuses for your posts. You can use these statuses to create custom publishing workflows.

WordPress provides “Draft” and “Pending Review”. With the PublishPress Statuses plugin, you can add new statuses. You can create pre-publishing statuses so you can prepare your content to go live. You can also create visibility statuses to control who can see your published content.

The main features of PublishPress Statuses

Publication Workflow

Using PublishPress Statuses you can add custom workflow options that are available when editing posts. You can build one main workflow for your posts. This workflow will be available to your users on the post editing screen.

Alternate Workflows

In addition to the default workflow, PublishPress Statuses allows you to create alternate workflows. These statuses are for content that is not on a direct path to publication. Examples of these alternate workflows include “Deferred”, “Needs Work” and “Rejected”.

Workflow Branching

PublishPress Statuses supports branches in your workflows. You can create parent and child statuses. This allows posts to move through the individual branch before returning to the main workflow.

Roles for Statuses

PublishPress Statuses allows you to customize which roles can assign posts to each status. You can give a user role the ability to move a post to just a single statuses. Or you can give a user role full access to your whole workflow.

Detailed Capabilities

With the addition of the PublishPress Capabilities Pro plugin you can create highly custom permissions for each status. You can control who can set, edit, and delete posts in each status.

Statuses Free

Main Workflow
Alternate Worklow