PublishPress Authors allows you to add multiple authors and guest authors to WordPress posts

Add all your authors

With the PublishPress Authors plugin, you can set multiple authors for each post and display their information in your site.

When you write a post, you’ll see a box in the right sidebar. Here you can choose from all the users on your site, and assign them as authors.

Revisionary revisions
Multiple Authors profiles

Show your author profiles

PublishPress Authors gives you several different options to display the authors’ box:

  • Replacing the default author display.
  • At the bottom of your content.
  • In a widget.
  • Using shortcodes.
  • Using filters and actions in your template files.

Add guest authors

Using PublishPress Authors, you can create Guest Authors who don’t need an account on your site. PublishPress will treat Guest Authors identically to Authors who are linked users.

You will be able to select and display Guest Authors in exactly the same way as for registered users.

PublishPress Guest Authors
PublishPress custom fields for authors

Custom fields for author profiles

PublishPress Authors enables you to create custom fields and enhance your author profiles.

You can add Text, WYSIWYG, Link and email address fields. Then you can place those fields in author profiles using custom layout.

Customize your layouts

PublishPress Authors enables you to build custom layouts for your author profiles.

Using all your author information and custom fields, you can design beautiful layouts for your authors.

PublishPress author layouts

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