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The PublishPress Authors plugin allows you to create beautiful profiles for your site's authors. You can add social media links, recent posts, custom layouts and much more.

PublishPress Authors gives you many extra features such as custom author pages and lists of authors. You can also organize your authors into categories, such as “Authors, “Coauthors”, “Reviewers” and more.

The main features of PublishPress Authors

Add multiple authors

Add multiple authors to any post

With PublishPress Authors, you can choose multiple authors for each post. When you write a post, you’ll see the Authors box in the right sidebar. You can choose from all the users on your site, and assign them as authors.

Show your author profiles

PublishPress Authors gives you multiple ways to show author profiles. You can display authors under your content, in a widget, using shortcodes and more.

Show your author profiles
Add guest authors

Add guest authors

Using PublishPress Authors, you can create Guest Authors who don’t need an account on your site. PublishPress will treat Guest Authors identically to Authors who have WordPress accounts.

Build your own Author pages

PublishPress Authors allows you to showcase the work of each individual author with customizable author pages where you decide which post information is displayed. From tags, read more links, excerpts, and more.

Build your own Author pages
Custom fields for author profiles

Custom fields for author profiles

PublishPress Authors Pro enables you to create custom fields for your author profiles. You can add Text, WYSIWYG, Links, email fields and more.

Custom layouts for author profiles

PublishPress Authors Pro enables you to build custom layouts for authors. Using all your author information and custom fields, you can design beautiful layouts for your authors.

Custom layouts for author profiles
Categories for your Authors

Categories for your Authors

PublishPress Authors allows you to organize your authors by categories. You can organize your authors into groups, such as “Authors”, “Coauthors”, “Reviews”, “Editors”, and more.

Custom lists of your Authors

The Author Lists feature plugin allows you to show a custom display of authors. You can choose authors, layout settings, search boxes and much more.

Authors List feature

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Authors Pro

Author profiles for WordPress users
Author profiles for Guest users
Show authors under your content
Show authors in a shortcode
Show authors in a widget
Choose avatars for each author
Support for custom post types
Basic fields (Name, Email, Bio)
Author pages
Author Categories
Custom fields for author profiles
Add fields for social networks
Extra features for Author Lists
Create Author Boxes with authors organized into categories
Support for the Polylang plugin
Display authors in categories
Remove PublishPress ads and branding
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