PublishPress Capabilities is trusted to manage the permissions for over 80,000 WordPress sites

Control user permissions

PublishPress Capabilities gives you detailed control over all the permissions on your WordPress site.

You can customize all the user roles on your site, from Administrator to Subscriber. Each role can have the exact permissions that match your site's needs.

Capability Manager Enhanced  permissions
Create WordPress roles

Create and copy user roles

PublishPress Capabilities allows you to expand on the default WordPress user roles.

You can create or copy any existing WordPress user role. These roles can be added to single sites or to an entire multisite network.

Detailed content permissions

PublishPress Capabilities gives you detailed control over access to all your site's content.

You can choose which users are able to Publish, Read, Edit and Delete your posts, pages, custom content types, categories and tags.

PublishPress CME permissions
PublishPress CME multisite

WordPress Multisite support

PublishPress Capabilities can control permissions on a single site or across your whole network.

Every time you update permissions in PublishPress Capabilities, you can choose to sync those changes across your multisite network.

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