PublishPress Testimonials

Great for managing your publishing calendar

We use it to manage a digital publication with articles posted 3-5 times a week. This is a great tool for managing the calendar and ensuring content quality.


Outstanding Support

I reported a problem that I encountered and 2 hours later PublishPress had released a patch to correct the issue. — Outstanding Support!


Excellent Workflow Plugin

That’s exacty, what I’m searching for my Newsblog. Great work, well documented and easy to use and understand for non programmers


Fantastic Plugin and Great Support

This plugin has been recently acquired and updated by PublishPress and is a fantastic utility for any WordPress blogger with lots of older content. It will allow you to schedule a revision and updated publication date for older posts you want to repurpose without the post going back into draft mode! Also, the publisher is very responsive with support and welcomes feedback on the product.


Works perfectly, have been using it for years!

This is a “must have” WordPress plugin that works without fail!


Perfect plugin when you have a writer!

This is exactly what every website needs when they have someone writing content (other than the business owner!). Using it on multiple sites now and works great! Support is very responsive and goes beyond what is required of them.


Really helpful in staying organized

I don’t work with a team of writers, but I manage a lot of material on our website. Having a nice, functional calendar built right in has helped me stay on top of the writing and scheduling. Love the plugin.


The Solution for Any Publisher Who Uses WordPress

When I need to look for a new plugin that would give me specific publishing tools as well as a solid editorial calendar, I landed on PublishPress. As someone who pushes out tons of content, yet doesn’t have a large team, it brings every aspect to the table that I need in order to keep my workflow running smoothly. Highly recommend, especially with the add-ons.


Great for scheduling posts

It’s simple to use and helpful for scheduling posts and getting organized.


Amazingly Useful Plugin

This plugin is a gamechanger. To anyone who’s wanted to grow their site but has been a little uncomfortable handing over the reins completely, PublishPress is exactly what you need. With it, you can easily create a workflow spread across different roles from writers to VAs to editors. It’s already saved me a ton of time as I’ve been able to hire a VA to format posts while limiting their ability to publish. Just fantastic!


Superb addition to WordPress

PublishPress has been a god sent plugin for us. The Premium plugins are worth every penny.


Useful WordPress Tools

PublishPress delivers useful tools for solo editorial management, specially the calendar and editorial notes.


Really really useful!

Now I can set the right stage of each of my posts. Draft, idea, to review, etc. Managing posts is now really a breeze!


Excellent for multi-author sites

A super easy way to create a workflow where many authors create content and only a couple editors stage and publish approved content.


Excellent customer support!

This plugin meets the needs of my project very well. Providing editorial comments for submitted assessments, and a notification system to send emails to both the author and any assigned roles (or individuals) upon content being submitted for approval. This is extended by the easy to use status system, that integrates well into WordPress core, allowing us to create custom statuses and notifications for each. I ran into an issue with notifications not sending to roles and contacted the dev. Their support was amazing! They sent me a working fix for the issue within 12 hours of contacting them!


Totally amazing plugin and support

Wow, I’m not used to putting 5 stars to a review but here it is well deserved! The plugin does exactly what it says. It does it well without gadget or useless features. It has no impact on the site’s speed and it is incredibly useful for multi-authored sites. And the support is just wonderful


Top notch support

Extremely responsive and helpful with support in my experience. That’s what you need from a plugin developer! This is the plugin Edit Flow should have been. I’m looking forward to the new features!



I find PublishPress invaluable in scheduling our daily on-air Trivia contest (and many other station features). Makes my life SO much easier!


Must have if you’re running a site with more then few users

I’m not sure I could use WordPress in my current company without this plugin. Its great



The other plugins cannot block individual pages or posts for certain groups. This plugin can do it! It is exactly the missing plugin that WordPress needs compared to Typo3 or other CMS with much better rights management. It is exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks to the developers! In my opinion you need more attention.


Love it! Great Editorial Calendar & Management System

This plug-in is a fabulous tool and provides excellent work-flow management.