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Schedule Changes to Your WordPress Content

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The PublishPress Future plugin allows you to schedule automatic changes to posts, pages and other content types.

With this plugin you can create automatic actions to unpublish, delete, trash, and sticky a post. It also allows you to create an automatic action to change the status, update the categories and much more.

The main features of PublishPress Future

Select action dates when editing a post

You can select future action dates in the right sidebar when you are editing a post. This works with Gutenberg, the Classic Editor, and most page builder plugins.

Quick Edit and Bulk Edit support

You can modify action dates using the “Quick Edit” and “Bulk Edit” modes. This enables you to quickly add automatic actions to as many posts as you need.

Automatically modify, remove or delete content

PublishPress Future allows you to modify, remove or completely delete content when the scheduled date arrives.

Email notifications

The PublishPress Future plugin can send you email notifications when automatic actions happen on your content.

Custom post type support

PublishPress Future allows you to choose action dates for posts, pages, WooCommerce products, LearnDash classes, or any other custom post types.

Display action dates

PublishPress Future allows you to automatically show the scheduled date inside your articles. The action date will be added at the bottom of your post. You can also use shortcodes to show the action date and customize the output.

Action Logs

The PublishPress Future plugin creates a log of all the modified posts. This allows you to have a detailed record of all the automatic actions for your posts.

Support for custom statuses

PublishPress Future Pro supports custom statuses such as those provided by WooCommerce. This means that Pro users can set their content to move to any status in WordPress.

Get PublishPress Future Pro!

If you buy Future Pro, you'll get great features, plus fast and advanced technical support.

Future Pro

Support for post and pages
Support for custom post types
Select expiry dates when editing a post
“Quick Edit” and “Bulk Edit” support
Automatically move posts to “Draft” status
Automatically delete posts or move to trash
Automatically add, remove, or replace taxonomy terms
Email notifications of post changes
Show expiry dates with a shortcode
Expiration log to record all your post changes
Design custom workflows with multiple actions
Use other plugins to control Future Actions
Set the action date based on the post's publishing date
Support for custom post statuses
Remove PublishPress ads and branding
Priority, personal support