PublishPress Future

PublishPress Future allows you to automatically unpublish posts and pages on a future date

PublishPress Future The PublishPress Future plugin allows you to add an expiration date to posts. pages and other content type. When your post is automatically unpublished, you can delete the post, change the status, or update the post categories.

The main features of PublishPress Future

Custom Post Type Support

Custom Post Type Support

PublishPress Future allows you to choose expiry dates for post, pages and custom post types.

Select Expiry Dates When Editing A Post

Select expiry dates when editing a post

You can select expiry dates in the right sidebar when you are editing a post.

Modify, Remove Or Delete Content

Modify, remove or delete content

PublishPress Future allows you to modify, remove or completely delete content when the expiry date arrives.

“quick Edit” And “bulk Edit” Support

“Quick Edit” and “Bulk Edit” support

You can modify posts expiry dates through “Quick Edit” and “Bulk Edit” modes.

Email Notifications

Email notifications

The PublishPress Future plugin can send you email notifications when your content is unpublished.

Display Expiry Dates

Display expiry dates

PublishPress Future allows you to automatically show the expiry date inside your articles. The expiry will be added at the bottom of your post. Also you can use shortcodes to show the expiration date and customize the output.

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Post and Page Support
Custom Post Type Support
Select expiry dates when editing a post
Modify, remove or delete content
“Quick Edit” and “Bulk Edit” support
Email notifications
Show expiry dates
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When I need to look for a new plugin that would give me specific publishing tools as well as a solid editorial calendar, I landed on PublishPress. As someone who pushes out tons of content, yet doesn’t have a large team, it brings every aspect to the table that I need in order to keep my workflow running smoothly. Highly recommend, especially with the add-ons.


This plugin is a gamechanger. To anyone who’s wanted to grow their site but has been a little uncomfortable handing over the reins completely, PublishPress is exactly what you need. With it, you can easily create a workflow spread across different roles from writers to VAs to editors. It’s already saved me a ton of time as I’ve been able to hire a VA to format posts while limiting their ability to publish. Just fantastic!


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