Introduction to PublishPress Future

The PublishPress Future plugin allows you to add an expiration date to posts. When your post is automatically unpublished, you can delete the post, change the status, or update the post categories.

There are a number of different ways that the posts can expire:

  • Draft
  • Delete
  • Trash
  • Private
  • Stick
  • Unstick
  • Categories: Replace
  • Categories: Add
  • Categories: Remove

After installing the PublishPress Future plugin, you'll see a box in the right sidebar when you're editing posts. You will see the same box on all your post types. You can disable this box for specific post types by going to “Future”, then “Post Types”.


The expiration date for each post will be visible in an extra column called “Expires” on the Posts screen:


The PublishPress Future settings will also be visible on the Quick Edit / Bulk edit settings for your post:

Future Quick Edit
Future Quick Edit

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