How to Update PublishPress Plugins

You can update PublishPress plugins directly from your WordPress admin area.

Go to the “Plugins” screen in your WordPress admin area and you will see available updates. In the image below, the PublishPress Authors plugin needs updating.

Publishpress Authors Update
Publishpress Authors Update
  • If you see the message, “Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin“, that means you have not entered a valid license key. Before you can update, you need to have activated your license keys.
  • If you see the message, “update now”, you have successfully activated your license key.

Update the plugin and you will now see an “Updated!” message.

Publishpress Authors Updated
Publishpress Authors Updated

Updating plugins using other methods #

If you don't want to update your plugin using the method above, there are alternatives including these:

  • Deactivate and delete the current version of the plugin using the WordPress admin. Upload the new version of the add-by going to “Plugins”, then “Add New” then “Upload Plugin”. Click here for more instructions.
  • Access your site's files. Delete the current add-on files from the /wp-content/plugins/ folder. Upload the new files.

Help! I don't see an update #

If you don't see an update for your plugin, go to “Dashboard” and then “Updates” in your WordPress admin menu.

Click the “Check Again” button to clear your site's cache.

Update Link
Update Link

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