Column visual guides

The “Columns visual guide” feature in the PublishPress Blocks plugin makes it easier to see what is happening with your layouts.

How to use the Columns visual guide

To see the “Columns visual guide” feature in action, choose a Columns Manager block:

Choose a layout option:

Columns Manager Layouts 1
Columns Manager Layouts 1

Add content to your layout, and you will see a dotted line around the outside of each column. This is the “Columns Visual Guide”:

Dotted Line Guide
Dotted Line Guide

These guidelines can be particularly useful as your layouts become more complex. This next image is an example of one “Columns Manager” block inside another “Columns Manager” block. In this image, the guidelines are very helpful for seeing your layout:

Dotted Line Guide 2
Dotted Line Guide 2

Settings for the Columns visual guide

You can choose to enable or disable the visual guide for your whole site, or individual posts / pages.

Inside every post or page, you can click the PublishPress Blocks icon in the top-right corner. You can then choose one of these settings:

  • Inherit from global settings
  • Enable
  • Disable
Visual Guide Settings 1
Visual Guide Settings 1

The “Global Settings” show above can be configured this way:

  • Go to “PublishPress Blocks” in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Click “Configuration”.
  • Choose “Enable columns visual guide”.
Screen Shot 2020 12 09 At 17.19.08
Blocks Settings

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