If you can't see the PublishPress Revisions buttons and links when editing content, this guide can help.

Check the status of your content #

  • The Free version of PublishPress Revisions controls who can create revisions for published content.
  • The Pro version of PublishPress Revisions also works on content that is unpublished.

Are revisions enabled? #

Check that the default revisions feature is enabled on your site. PublishPress Revisions builds on the default revisions feature in WordPress. However, some popular hosts such as WPEngine do disable revisions.

Check the Revisor role #

Start by checking that PublishPress Revisions works correctly for users in the “Revisor” role.

  • Create a user in the “Revisor” role and log in to their account.
  • Can this user create revisions for published content?

If this is not working, then you probably have another plugin enabled that is conflicting with PublishPress Revisions.

Check the user permissions #

Next, it is important to check the correct user roles have the correct permissions. One common issue with PublishPress Revisions will occur when people edit the default user permissions.

To check these permissions:

  • Install the PublishPress Capabilities plugin.
  • Go to User > Capabilities in your WordPress admin menu.
  • In the top-right corner, choose the role you want to edit, using the “Select Role to View / Edit” box.
  • Now look for the permissions shown below. If these boxes are empty, then the users will not be able to create revisions.