This guide will show you how to use the “Admin Features” screen in the PublishPress Capabilities plugin. This screen allows you to hide features in the WordPress admin area and toolbar. You can decide what users see in your WordPress dashboard.

This feature is available in both the Free and Pro version of PublishPress Capabilities. The Pro version also enables you to hide any element in the WordPress admin and also Block access to specific URLs.

Getting Started With Admin Features #

  • To start changing the WordPress dashboard, go to “Capabilities”, then “Admin Features” in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Look in the top-left corner for the user role you want to edit:
User role selection in the Admin Features screen

On this screen, you'll be able to choose which features to hide for different user roles:

  • Scroll down the screen and you can place a red X for every feature you want to hide.
the Admin Features screen in PublishPress Capabilities
Admin Features Screen 1

The top part of the screen covers the “Admin Toolbar” feature in WordPress. Scroll down further, and you can also block access to dashboard widgets:

the Dashboard Widgets area in the Admin Features screen
Dashboard Widgets

Examples of Using Admin Features #

Let's show you some examples of what “Admin Features” can do.

  • In the screenshot below, I've added a red X to all the boxes:
Remove elements in the Admin Features screen
Admin Toolbar Restrictions

If these settings are saved, this next screenshot shows what we'll see in the WordPress admin area. The toolbar has completely disappeared:

Admin toolbar removed
Admin Toolbar Restrictions In Place

We can also take a look at another option in “Admin Features” which allows you to hide dashboard widgets. In this screenshot below, all the dashboard widgets have red Xs.

Hide Widgets in the WordPress admin area
Hide Widgets

The settings in the screenshot below will produce this on your WordPress dashboard. All your dashboard widgets are hidden.

Empty Dashboard
Empty Dashboard