The Series Post List Template is used to display all posts belonging to a series on the single page of a post in the series.

By default, PublishPress Series inserts the contents of this template into your blog whenever a post page is displayed for a post that belongs to a series. You can disable this by unchecking the “Display series post list box?” checkbox in the PublishPress Series settings.

Let's take a look at a screenshot of the Series Post List templates:

Post List Box Shortcode Customize 1
Post List Box Shortcode Customize 1

Notice the %tokens% that are used:

  • %series_icon_linked% – If the series has an image associated with it then it will be displayed in acontainer with the class “center”
  • %postcontent% – the location of this tag tells Organize Series that I want the Series PostList Template contents to be placed before the post content of the post.
  • %post_title_list% – is a marker token that tells organize series where I want the list of posts in that series to be placed.

Notice how %post_title_list% is surround by <ul> and </ul> tags? The Series Post List Title Template indicates how each post in the list of posts will be outputted.

The functions (“template tags”) that call these templates are:

  • wp_postlist_display() – calls the Series Post List Template and replaces the tokens with series related information.
  • get_series_posts() – alls the contents of the “Series Post List Post Title Template” and “Series Post List Current Post Title Template” and replaces the %tokens% in them. It does have arguments that can be passed to it and if you must get into it now, it is documented in the orgSeries-template-tags.php file