Using WordPress’ hooks and filters, you can extend PublishPress Planner notifications in the following ways:

  • pp_edit_post_subscriptions_cap (filter) – Change the capability required to modify who’s subscribed to a post.
  • pp_notification_auto_subscribe_current_user (filter) – Whether or not to auto-subscribe a user editing the post or leaving an editorial comment. The former action passes ‘subscription_action’ and the latter ‘comment’. Default is to auto-subscribe.
  • pp_notification_status_change (filter) – Kill notifications for specific post status changes (or all).
  • pp_notification_ignored_statuses (filter) – Another way to kill notifications for specific post status changes.
  • pp_notification_editorial_comment (filter) – Kill notifications for editorial comments.
  • pp_notification_recipients (filter) – Modify who receives a notification. Default is all subscribers.