Overview of Extra Tokens in Series Pro

Extra tokens are available in the Pro version of PublishPress Series. This adds new tokens to the “Templates” screen for customizing the various series templates.

These are the extra tokens:

  • %series_slug% – which will output the slug of the series.
  • %series_id% – which will output the id of the series.
  • %post_author% – will output the author of the post.
  • %post_thumbnail% – if the post has a feature-image then that image will be displayed.
  • %post_date% – the date that a post was published
  • %unpublished_post_title% – Will be replaced with the unpublished post title of a post in the series
  • %total_posts_in_series_with_unpub% – Will display the total number of published and unpublished posts in a series.

This gives the user of PublishPress Series many new options for further customization of various displays of series information.  For example, if you wanted to show the feature images of each post in a series post list you could use the %post_thumbnail% token to include it.

These tokens can be enabled or disabled in the “Pro Features” tab:

Extra Token Setting
Extra Token Setting