The PublishPress Capabilities plugin enables you to decide who can upload, edit and delete files from the WordPress Media Library.

By default, only Administrators are able to delete files in your Media Library. Subscribers and Contributors are not even allowed to upload files. You can customize these permissions for the Media Library and also the “Featured Image” box when you write posts.

  • Install the PublishPress Capabilities and the PublishPress Permissions plugin.
  • Go to “Permissions” then “Settings” in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Click the “Core” tab.
  • Check the box labelled, “Enforce distinct edit, delete capability requirements for Media”.
  • Click “Save Changes”.
Media Permissions
Media Permissions
  • Go to the “Capabilities” link in your WordPress admin menu.
  • In the “Type-Specific Capabilities” box, check the “Media” box.

In the center of the screen you will now be able to control these permissions for the files in your site's Media Library:

  • Edit
  • Create
  • Edit Others
  • Delete
  • Delete Others