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PublishPress Permissions and Beaver Builder

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The popular Beaver Builder plugin is a very good page-builder for WordPress sites.

It is possible to use Beaver Builder with the PublishPress plugins, but it does require some configuration. The key thing to know is that Beaver Builder can only be used if you have the edit posts permission.

This can cause problems if you only want to give a user access to one or two pages, because the edit_posts permissions also allows you edit posts.

We found that PublishPress Permissions could give users access to the page, but that they would not be able use Beaver Builder.

Here is a workaround that you can use:

Beaver Builder User
Beaver Builder User
  • Under “Type-Specific Capabilities”, check the box saying “Use create_posts capability”.
  • Click “Update”.
Create Posts Capability
Create Posts Capability
  • In the “Editing Capabilities” area, check the box for “Edit” in the “Posts” row.
  • Place a red X in all the other boxes of the “Posts” row.

What are we are doing here is giving the edit_posts permission, but also removing all the other key permissions.

Beaver Builder Editing Capabilities
Beaver Builder Editing Capabilities
  • Now go to “Settings” > “Beaver Builder” > “User Access”.
  • Select “Beaver Builder User” from the two dropdowns.
User Access Beaver Builder
User Access Beaver Builder

Now you can safely give users access to specific pages, and they will still be able to use Beaver Builder.

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