What is the Publish status in WordPress? #

“Publish” is one of default post statuses available in WordPress.

A post in the Publish status is normally viewable by all your site visitors, However, this not always true. “Publish” can apply for only some of your site's users. For example, if you use the “Password Protected” option in WordPress, your post will still use the Publish status.

How to move a post to Publish status #

You can move a post to the Publish status by clicking the “Publish…” button while editing a post:

Move To Publish
Move To Publish

You can also move a post to the Publish status from the main “Posts” screen. If you click “Quick Edit”, there is a “Status” dropdown available:

Quick Edit Publish
Quick Edit Publish

Who can view posts in the Publish status? #

By default, any user that can create content can use the Publish status.

This means that, in the WordPress admin area, Contributors, Authors, Editors and Administrators can all view posts in the Publish status.

Users in the Subscriber role have no access to the “Posts” screen so can not see posts in this status.