What Permissions do Super Admins Have in WordPress? #

The Super Admin role does not exist on most WordPress sites. It is a feature of WordPress multisite networks.

The Super Admin role is very similar to an Administrator, but they have access to all the sites in the multisite network. By default, only a Super Admin user can access the “Network Admin” area in a multisite network:

Multi Site Dashboard
Multi Site Dashboard

How to View Super Admins #

If you are a Super Admin user on a multisite network, you will be able to visit the main network and see other Super Admins.

  • Log in to your WordPress multisite network.
  • Go to “My Sites”, then “Network Admin”.
  • Click “Users”.
Super User Menu
Super User Menu
  • Any Super Admins will be labeled on this “Users” screen:
Super Admin Display
Super Admin Display

How to Create or Remove Super Admins #

It is possible to promote existing users to become Super Admin users. You can also remove the Super Admin role.

  • Go to “My Sites”, then “Network Admin”
  • Click “Users”.
  • Edit a user.
  • Scroll down to the “Super Admin” area.
  • Check or uncheck the box, “Grant this user super admin privileges for the Network”.
Create Super Admin
Create Super Admin

Extra Permissions for Super Admins #

In addition to the usual Administrator permissions, Super Admins have these permissions on their multisite network.

  1. create_sites
  2. delete_sites
  3. manage_network
  4. manage_network_options
  5. manage_network_plugins
  6. manage_network_themes
  7. manage_network_users
  8. manage_sites
  9. upgrade_network