Super Admin

What Permissions do Super Admins Have in WordPress?

The Super Admin role does not exist on most WordPress sites. It is a feature of WordPress multisite networks.

The Super Admin role is very similar to an Administrator, but they have access to all the sites in the multisite network. By default, only a Super Admin user can access the “Network Admin” area in a multisite network:

Multi Site Dashboard
Multi Site Dashboard

How to View Super Admins

If you are a Super Admin user on a multisite network, you will be able to visit the main network and see other Super Admins.

  • Log in to your WordPress multisite network.
  • Go to “My Sites”, then “Network Admin”.
  • Click “Users”.
Super User Menu
Super User Menu
  • Any Super Admins will be labeled on this “Users” screen:
Super Admin Display
Super Admin Display

How to Create or Remove Super Admins

It is possible to promote existing users to become Super Admin users. You can also remove the Super Admin role.

  • Go to “My Sites”, then “Network Admin”
  • Click “Users”.
  • Edit a user.
  • Scroll down to the “Super Admin” area.
  • Check or uncheck the box, “Grant this user super admin privileges for the Network”.
Create Super Admin
Create Super Admin

Extra Permissions for Super Admins

In addition to the usual Administrator permissions, Super Admins have these permissions on their multisite network.

  1. create_sites
  2. delete_sites
  3. manage_network
  4. manage_network_options
  5. manage_network_plugins
  6. manage_network_themes
  7. manage_network_users
  8. manage_sites
  9. upgrade_network

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