[series_toc] is a shortcode that's available in the Pro version of PublishPress Series. This shortcode displays the list of all your series.

This next image shows the shortcode being used in a Gutenberg block:

Series Toc
Series Toc

You can see an example of this shortcode's display in the image below:

Toc Shortcode
Toc Shortcode

How to use the [series_toc] shortcode #

The [series_toc] shortcode can be modified with different parameters:

  • orderby: The options are: name, series_id, count, and slug. This controls what series data point you want the series sorted on. The default is series_id.
  • order: The options are: ascending and descending. This controls how you want the series sorted, based on the orderby selection. The default is descending.
  • hide_empty The options are: yes and no. Do you want series with no assigned posts to be excluded from the list? The default is yes.
  • exclude: This is a comma delimited list of series ids for series you DON'T want included.  If you have a value in the “include” parameter, the exclude parameter is ignored. Default is none.
  • include: This is comma delimited list of series ids for series you DO want included. Default is All.
  • number: The number of series you want displayed. Default is all.
  • offset: If you want to offset the series pulled from the database from the sorted list you can indicate so using this parameter. Default is no offset.
  • search: If you want to only display series that match a search term (against the series name), you can use this parameter. Default is no search.

You can manually add the parameters for the shortcode using the following format:

[[series_toc orderby="name" order="ASC" hide_empty="false" include="701, 703, 777"]]

In the above example, here are the parameters:

  • orderby: the series that will be rendered will be ordered by the series names .
  • order: the series will be shown in ascending order (alphabetically). 
  • hide_empty: Any series with no posts assigned WILL be shown. 
  • include: The series displayed will be those with the series ID 701, 703, and 777.

How to customize the [series_toc] shortcode #

The output via this shortcode has its layout controlled by the “Series Table of Contents” template found on the Series > Templates screen.