How to Publish Revisions on the Frontend

It is possible to preview and then directly publish revisions via the frontend of your WordPress site.

You can do this with the PublishPress Revisions plugin under two conditions:

  1. You have sufficient permissions to publish revisions.
  2. You can access the “Preview” link for a revision.

How to access the Preview link

There are multiple ways to access the “Preview” link. One option is to go to the “Revisions” link in your WordPress admin menu:

If you have sufficient permissions, you'll see the “Preview” link.

On the frontend of the site, there will be a toolbar across the top of the site. This toolbar will change to reflect the status of the revision.

For example, when looking at a scheduled revision, you’ll have these four options:

  • Compare: See the differences between this version and the currently published revision.
  • View Published Post: See the currently published revision.
  • Edit: Make changes to this revision.
  • Publish now: Make this the currently published revision.

The color and options in this toolbar will change based on the status of the revision.

For example, this red color is for revisions that are no longer live. In this case, Editors and Administrators can “Restore” the revision.

This purple color shows that you’re looking at a post that’s currently live on the site.

A grey bar indicates that you’re looking at a revision that’s scheduled for automatic publication at a later time. Editors and Administrators may choose to publish it ahead of schedule.

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