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Login / Register Form Block

The Login / Register Form Block allows you to load a WordPress login or register form inside Gutenberg. You can also setup a redirect URL after login and customize the design by adding your own logo and colors.

How to add a Login / Register Form block

You can create a login form or register form for your website by clicking the Login/Register Form button in the PublishPress Blocks section.

And you can switch from Login form to Register form by using the navigation bar of this block. You can also make this change in the right sidebar.

Settings for the Login / Register Form block

You can go to the right sidebar to adjust the details for your form.

  • Initial Form: Login or Register
  • Redirect After Login: Home, Dashboard or Custom
  • Form Width (px)
  • Show Logo
  • Logo Width (px)
  • Show input field icon
  • Show register/header link
  • Header Color
  • Show lost password link

Input box settings for the Login / Register Form block

  • Input placeholder
    • Login input placeholder
    • Username input placeholder
    • Email input placeholder
  • Text/Input Color
    • Input background color
    • Input color
    • Text color
  • Border Settings
    • Border color
    • Border style
    • Border width

Submit button settings for the Login / Register Form block

  • Submit Button Settings
    • Border and Text
    • Background
    • Button border radius
    • Button position
  • Submit Button Hover
    • Hover Colors:Background, Text and Shadow color
    • Shadow: Opacity, Transition speed and Shadow (H (horizontal) offset, V (vertical) offset, blur, spread)
  • Notice: We strongly recommend that you enable Google reCaptcha to avoid spam bots. Click here for instructions on enabling reCaptcha.

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