WordPress CLI and PublishPress Authors

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The best way to manage large WordPress sites (over 1,000 authors or 100,000 posts) is with the WordPress Command Line Interface (CLI).

If you install PublishPress Authors on a large site with many existing authors, we recommend you run this command below. This command will update your posts and attach the correct author data into PublishPress Authors.

$ wp publishpress-authors create-terms-for-posts

You can also limit this command to a certain number of posts at a time (default to 300):

$ wp publishpress-authors create-terms-for-posts --posts_per_page=500

Or you can also limit it to a specific post type (default to “post”):

$ wp publishpress-authors create-terms-for-posts --post_type=my_post_type

CLI command and Plesk #

If you are having issues running CLI commands on Plesk, please try the following command format:

$ plesk ext wp-toolkit --wp-cli -instance-id 2 --publishpress-authors create-terms-for-posts --skip-plugins=false

Just make sure to replace “create-terms-for-posts” with the subcommands and params you want to run.

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