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Allow Multiple Users to Edit a Single WordPress Post

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With PublishPress Permissions Pro, it is possible to allow a small group of people to edit a single WordPress post.

After installing the PublishPress Permissions Pro plugin, go to the “Posts” screen and choose the post that needs team editing access.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and the “Editing Exceptions” area. You can choose to allow all the users in a particular role to edit this post. However, you can also DENY them editing access.

If you want to lock down this post, I would recommend changing the “Editor” access to “Blocked” as in this image. Once you make that change, only Administrators will be able to edit this post.

  • Next, click the “Users” tab.
  • Here you can search for individual users. Search for the people who you want to edit this post.
  • Select their users and click the “Select” button.
  • In the image below, I've given editing access to “golder.tomasa” and “rherzog”. I”m about to give access to “abdiel26”.

So that's the process you can use to allow a small group of users to edit a single post together.

This PublishPress Permissions Pro technique works for any content type. PublishPress Permissions Pro also offer more sophisticated ways of grouping users together and giving them editing access.

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