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Hide a WordPress User Role

With the PublishPress Capabilities plugin, it is possible to hide a WordPress user role.

Let's show you how this feature works:

How to hide a WordPress user role

Hidden Role
Hidden Role

When you create a new role, you also have the option to mark the role as “hidden”:

Hidden New Role
Hidden New Role

What happens to hidden roles?

If a role is marked as “hidden” it will not appear in any WordPress role selection options:

  • Add User
  • Edit User
  • Change role to

The role will still be available in some areas of WordPress:

  • It can be used a supplemental role in PublishPress Permissions.
  • It can be used by plugins and themes. They can use the machine name of the role. The role will remain in the option name wp_user_roles in the wp_options database table.
Wp User Roles
Wp User Roles

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