How to Backup and Restore User Permissions

Capability Manager Enhanced offers you the ability to backup and restore your permissions.

This feature is very helpful if you want to test out changes on your site, or you’ve installed a new plugin that has changed your site’s permissions.

How to Create a Permissions Backup

In your WordPress admin menu, go to Tools > Capability Manager.

  • Click the blue “Do Action” button:
  • You’ll now see the message, “New backup saved”.
  • If you click “Show initial backup” or “Show last backup”, you will see a detailed list of all the roles and permissions in that backup:

How to Restore a Permissions Backup

Using this same screen, you can restore your permissions.

  • Choose “Restore initial backup” or “Restore last saved backup”.
  • Click “Do Action”.

You will now see a message saying that your permissions have been restored.

Restore Permissions to the WordPress Defaults

If you really need to clean up and refresh your site, Capability Manager Enhanced does allow you to restore the default WordPress permissions.

Before you take this step, make sure to read the warning:

“WARNING: This will delete and/or modify stored role definitions. If you have installed any plugin that adds new roles or capabilities, these will be lost.It is recommended to use this only as a last resort!”

If you want to proceed, click the “Reset to WordPress defaults” link.

Capability Manager Enhanced will ask you if you’re really sure you want to do this. Click “OK” to continue.

Once the process is complete, you’ll see the message, “Roles and Capabilities reset to WordPress defaults”.

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