With the Pro version of the PublishPress Blocks plugin, you can create a PublishPress Features List block when you need to show a list of all the items available with a product or service. This image below is a preview of how the block will appear inside the WordPress editing screen.

Gutenberg Feature List block

How to create the PublishPress Features List block #

You can create a PublishPress Features List block by clicking the “Feature List – PublishPress” button in the PublishPress Blocks category.

Settings for the PublishPress Features List block #

Once created, you can customize the text, icon, spacing, colors, and more. This from the sidebar.

Gutenberg Feature List block
  • Main Settings
    • Stripes: enable/disable the stripes style.
    • Stripes Colors: available when “Stripes” is enabled.
      • Even Background
      • Odd Background
  • Feature Settings
    • Text size
    • Icon size
    • Line height
    • Spacing between icon and text
    • Paddding top
    • Padding right
    • Padding bottom
    • Padding left

Edit content for the PublishPress Features List block #

The features are handled through a nested block called Feature.

You can change the text of each feature like you do with regular text, including formatting options for color and style.

Gutenberg Feature block

To reorder a feature, click over the arrows.

Gutenberg Feature block

To add a feature, click on the plus button on the left.

Gutenberg Feature block

To remove a feature, click on the 3 dots menu > Remove block.

Gutenberg Feature block

Edit the icon and color #

To choose the icon and color for each feature use the Icon Settings from sidebar.

Gutenberg Feature block
  • To display text without icon, select the first option from List icon.
  • To display icon without text, remove the text and select an icon from List icon.

Stripes #

By default the stripes are enabled in white and gray background colors. To customize this result, use the Stripes settings.

Gutenberg Feature List block

Alignment #

You can align the features through the toolbar.

Gutenberg Feature List block