Feature List block

With the Pro version of the PublishPress Blocks plugin, you can create a PublishPress Features List block when you need to show a list of all the items available with a product or service. This image below is a preview of how the block will appear inside the WordPress editing screen.

Gutenberg Feature List block

How to create the PublishPress Features List block

You can create a PublishPress Features List block by clicking the “Feature List – PublishPress” button in the PublishPress Blocks category.

Settings for the PublishPress Features List block

Once created, you can customize the text, icon, spacing, colors, and more. This from the sidebar.

Gutenberg Feature List block
  • Main Settings
    • Stripes: enable/disable the stripes style.
    • Stripes Colors: available when “Stripes” is enabled.
      • Even Background
      • Odd Background
  • Feature Settings
    • Text size
    • Icon size
    • Line height
    • Spacing between icon and text
    • Paddding top
    • Padding right
    • Padding bottom
    • Padding left

Edit content for the PublishPress Features List block

The features are handled through a nested block called Feature.

You can change the text of each feature like you do with regular text, including formatting options for color and style.

Gutenberg Feature block

To reorder a feature, click over the arrows.

Gutenberg Feature block

To add a feature, click on the plus button on the left.

Gutenberg Feature block

To remove a feature, click on the 3 dots menu > Remove block.

Gutenberg Feature block

Edit the icon and color

To choose the icon and color for each feature use the Icon Settings from sidebar.

Gutenberg Feature block
  • To display text without icon, select the first option from List icon.
  • To display icon without text, remove the text and select an icon from List icon.


By default the stripes are enabled in white and gray background colors. To customize this result, use the Stripes settings.

Gutenberg Feature List block


You can align the features through the toolbar.

Gutenberg Feature List block

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