How to Translate PublishPress

If you are looking for PublishPress in your language, feel free to email us to see if we have translation files.

If PublishPress isn’t available in your language, you are very welcome to translate PublishPress.

We offer 1 free year of membership if you send us a translation file! Email us with your completed files.

We recommend Poedit as an easy way to translate PublishPress. Here’s how the translation process works:

  • Run the installation script for Poedit on your desktop. Click “Create New Translation”.

  • You will see a list of all the English translations. On the right-hand side there’s a blank space waiting for your translation:

  • At the bottom of the screen, you can enter your translation text into the “Translation” field:

  • PoEdit is a particularly useful tool because it will automatically give you translation suggestions:

  • When you’re finished, click “Save” in Poedit:

  • Poedit will export both a .po and an .mo file for you.
  • Place these in the /wp-content/languages/publishpress/ folder. Create this folder if it doesn’t exist.
  • For the files, use the naming structure you can see below. You can find a list of locale identifiers here.
    • publishpress-en_BG.po
    • publishpress-es_ES.po
    • publishpress-fr_FR.po
  • If your site is running your language (in this case, Spanish), UpStream will automatically detect your new files and change to your language:

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