Shortcode: [series_nav]

[series_nav] is a shortcode is in the Pro version of PublishPress Series. It outputs the series navigation information for a particular series. This is the series navigation strip that automatically displays the next and previous post in a series.

This next image shows the shortcode being used in a Gutenberg block:

Series Nav Shortcode
Series Nav Shortcode

This next image shows the output of the shortcode. The output shows the previous and next posts in the Series.

Series Nav Shortcode Output
Series Nav Shortcode Output

How to use the [series_nav] shortcode #

[series_nav] if you add this shortcode to a post that is a part of a series, the shortcode will show the series navigation.

It is also possible to use two versions of this shortcode and customize the layout. For example:


The content between the “series_nav” tags will be used for this display.  You can use the %tokens% found by going to Series > Templates in your WordPress admin area.

One example is that you can split up the shortcode using the %next_post% and %previous_post% tokens so you can display the links in totally different sections of the post. For example, you can place your post content between these shortcodes:

[series_nav]Click here to go to %next_post%[/series_nav]

[series_nav]Click here to go to the %previous_post%[/series_nav]

How to customize the [series_nav] shortcode #

The default layout is determined by what you have in the “Series Navigation Box” template found by going to Series > Templates in your WordPress admin area.

Nav Options
Nav Options

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