The PublishPress Planner Notifications Log

You can access the Notifications Log screen by going to Planner > Notifications Log in your WordPress admin area.

The Notifications Log gives you 100% visibility into who is getting updates about your content.

  • “Did my emails go out 2 weeks before the due date of this post?”
  • “Are Editors getting emails when a post moves to the “Pending Review” status?”
  • “Are the Slack notifications sending whenever any creates a new Draft?”

The Notifications Log will answer all these questions and more for you.

New Notifications
New Notifications

There are five columns in the Notifications log:

  • Date: This is the date and time that the notification was sent, plus the ID of the notification.
  • When to notify?: This is information about why the notification was triggered.
  • For which content?: This shows which content was featured in the notification.
  • Who to notify?: This shows who received the notification and through which channel.
  • Status: This shows whether or not the notification was sent.

How to use the Notifications Log? #

The Notifications Log allows you to see exactly who is getting which notifications.

Without the log, there's no way to check that the correct notifications were going to the correct users. This is particularly true for emails that are sent automatically such as “Reminder” emails.