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Share Revisions in the Revisions Queue

You can edit revisions while they are in your site's Revision Queue. This allows you to copy a post that's live on your site and work on it safely – in your own little sandbox.

As you're working on an update, and before you make it live, you can share a preview of your work.

Edit Link Revisions
Edit Link Revisions
  • Look in the right sidebar of your post.
  • Check “Enable public preview”.
  • You will now get a preview URL for your revision. You can share this URL with anyone, even if they are not a user on your site.
Post Preview Url
Post Preview Url

These preview links will still be valid after you approve the revision. If you visit these links after approval, you will see a red bar saying, “This is a Past Revision”.

Past Revision
Past Revision

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