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PublishPress Plugins and Large Sites

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Note: for this discussion, we'll define very large sites as those with over 1,000 authors or 100,000 posts.

We are always cautious when people ask us, “Can PublishPress plugins run on very large websites.”

The simple answer is “Yes, we carefully optimize our plugins.”

However, answers are rarely that simple when discussing large sites. Many questions need to be considered. In particular, it's important to consider the servers and databases running your site, plus the other plugins and themes you have installed.

It is never easy for any website software to support large numbers of users and content. Optimizing software so that it works at scale is always a challenge. And WordPress does have some specific issues that can cause problems with very large sites.

Our advice is to test PublishPress on a development site before going live. This is always good advice for any plugin, but we strongly recommend it in this scenario. If you find any issues, our support team will be happy to help.

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