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How to Solve Errors in PublishPress Plugins

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Sometimes users do find problems with PublishPress. These can happen for many reasons including conflicts with other plugins, mistakes with the server configuration, or bugs with the PublishPress code.

Seeing an error is important.

However, to solve the error, we need to find an error message. WordPress provides detailed error messages that can help us quickly solve problems with your site.

Finding Error Messages in WordPress

WordPress has a feature that will notify you about any serious errors on your site. You may see a message like this:

“There has a been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions”.

WordPress will also send an email message to the site administrator. This will contain a link to put your site in a special “recovery mode”. This recovery mode will allow you to login and disable plugins that are causing problems.

To solve errors like this, the key is to find an error message.

Most hosting companies will give you access to your site's error logs. Please look at your hosting company's control panel or documentation to try and find the error logs. You can also try and view your error logs with plugin.

If you don't have access to error logs from your hosting company, we recommend the Fatal Error Notify plugin.

Go to Settings > Fatal Error Notify and enter your email address:

This plugin will send you an email with a details of the error on your site. You can send this error message to the PublishPress team and it will help us solve the problem quickly.

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