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Import WordPress Users to PublishPress Authors

This article will help if you are moving from the core WordPress user system to PublishPress Authors.

The tools in this article are helpful if you have an existing WordPress site with existing authors.

  • Go to Authors > Settings.
  • Go to the “Maintenance” area.

There are two important options here. Please try this on a test site first before using them on a live site!

If you have a very large site, these processes may time out. It is completely safe to click these buttons more than once.

Create missed post authors

This action is very helpful if you're installing PublishPress Authors on an existing WordPress site. This action analyzes all the posts on your site. If the action finds a WordPress user is set as an author, it will automatically create an author profile for them.

Missed Post Authors
Missed Post Authors

Create missed authors from role

This option is explained in more detail in this tutorial.

Missed Authors
Missed Authors

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