“Shop Manager” is one of two user roles that are added to WordPress when you install the WooCommerce plugin. The other role is “Customer”. These two roles are in addition to the default roles such as Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber.

The Shop Manager role is powerful and you should only grant this role to people you trust. However, they will not be a full site Administrator and will not have access to some of the more technical areas of WordPress.

What Permissions do WooCommerce Shop Managers Have? #

A user in the WooCommerce Shop Manager role will have access to almost every area of your WooCommerce store.

They will also have access to the “Posts” area, similar to a user in the “Editor” role.

They will be able to manage comments via the “Comments” and also WordPress users via the “Users” screen.

Finally, they will be able to customize the theme on your site, although they can not install new themes.

What Can WooCommerce Shop Managers See in the WordPress Dashboard? #

Users in the WooCommerce Shop Manager role can see several key areas of the WordPress admin area, as shown in this screenshot below. You can see this screen by creating a user in the Shop Manager role and using the User Testing feature in PublishPress Capabilities.

WooCommerce Shop Manager role

Can You Change the Shop Manager Permissions? #

Yes, you can change the Shop Manager permissions from the default WooCommerce settings.

The PublishPress Capabilities plugin is an excellent way to view and change the permissions for each user role. It has a backup and restore feature in case you make a mistake when changing user permissions.

This next image shows the permissions available to WooCommerce Shop Managers. You can uncheck of any of these boxes to remove the permission. You'll find this area by going to the “Capabilities” screen and clicking the “WooCommerce” tab on the left:

WooCommerce Shop Manager permissions

The Complete List of Shop Manager Permissions #

This is the full list of capabilities for WooCommerce Shop Managers, taken from the WooCommerce Github repo.