This guide has solutions to some common issues with PublishPress Authors.

Seeing More than One Author Area #

Many themes will add their own author boxes under posts. If you are seeing more than one author box, you will need to find the setting inside your theme and disable that extra box.

Object Caches #

By default, PublishPress Authors does support object caches. However, object caches are a common source of issues. If you are having problems with Authors on the frontend of your site, test your site with all caches disabled.

Changes to the WordPress Interface #

The PublishPress Authors plugin does make some small changes to the WordPress admin interface. This is done to make the plugin easier to use and to avoid confusion. One key change is that PublishPress Authors removes the default “Author” dropdown from inside the WordPress editing screen. This dropdown is shown below, but you won’t see it with PublishPress Authors installed.

The only places to add and remove authors is this metabox, or the “Quick Edit” option.

Default author is not applied to new posts #

On the settings page, you are able to specify an author that will be set as the default author for new posts.

There are conditions for the default author to be applied to new posts:

  • If the current user that is creating the new post doesn't have the capability “edit_others_posts” and the selected author is mapped to a user, the default author will not be applied, and the current user will be set as the post author.
  • If the current user has the capability, the default author is always applied to the post.
  • If the default author is a guest author, the setting will always be applied to new posts, even if the current user can't edit others' posts.

These conditions are required in order to avoid permissions issues when the post doesn't belong to the current user and they can't edit others' posts.