How to Show Authors With Shortcodes

The PublishPress Authors plugin allows you to show author profiles using a shortcode.

With the shortcode you can display the author box in any part of the content. Just add this shortcode to your content:


In the Pro version of Authors, you can also use shortcodes to show all the authors on your site.


How to Customize the Shortcodes

The basic shortcodes can be customized. You can choose from these layouts:

  • simple_list
  • centered
  • boxed
  • inline
  • inline_avatar

You can see full details of each layout option in this guide. Here's an example of the shortcode with a layout choice:

[author_box layout="boxed"]

You can also decide whether or not to show the main title, using show_title="true" or show_title="false".

Here’s an example of that more detailed shortcode:

[author_box layout="boxed" show_title="true"]

You can load the authors for a specific post, even if you are not in that post currently. For example, this shortcode will load the authors for the post with the ID of 32:

[author_box layout="boxed" post_id="32"]

There is one final option to mention. This is mostly useful if you're using a theme or page builder to customize the Author profile pages you find at URLs such as /author/username/. You can use the following shortcode on the authors page to display the profile of the current author. You just need to add the parameter archive="true":

[author_box layout="boxed" archive="true"]

This authors list shortcode can also be customized with layouts. For example, this will show all your authors in a boxed layout:

[publishpress_authors_list layout="boxed"]

If you are having problems showing PublishPress Authors on author profile pages, you can use this shortcode below. The argument archive=”1″ forces the plugin to retrieve the Author from the profile page and not any other posts on the same screen.

[publishpress_authors_box layout="author_box" archive="1"]

Deprecated Shortcode

Before version 3.14.0 the author list shortcode was this:


However, the lack of a specific prefix leads to conflict issues with 3rd party plugins. For backward compatibility, we keep both shortcodes enabled by default. If the deprecated shortcode is conflicting with any other plugin or theme, you can disable it by defining the following constant in the “wp-config.php” file:


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