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How to Show Authors With Shortcodes

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The PublishPress Authors plugin allows you to show author profiles using a shortcode.

With the shortcode you can display the author box in any part of the content. Just add this shortcode to your content:


This shortcode can be customized. You can choose from these layouts:

  • simple_list
  • centered
  • boxed
  • inline
  • inline_avatar

You can see full details of each layout option in this guide. Here's an example of the shortcode with a layout choice:

[author_box layout="boxed"]

You can also decide whether or not to show the main title, using show_title="true" or show_title="false".

Here’s an example of that more detailed shortcode:

[author_box layout="boxed" show_title="true"]

You can load the authors for a specific post, even if you are not in that post currently. For example, this shortcode will load the authors for the post with the ID of 32:

[author_box layout="boxed" post_id="32"]

There is one final option to mention. This is mostly useful if you're using a theme or page builder to customize the Author profile pages you find at URLs such as /author/username/. You can use the following shortcode on the authors page to display the profile of the current author. You just need to add the parameter archive="true":

[author_box layout="boxed" archive="true"]

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